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The world has become a very smart place today. You find smart phones, smart watches for men and women alike, and so on. There are many smart watches in the market. Many companies have jumped into the bandwagon. The smart watch technology proves that the world has become a very small place to live. You can have access to all your data using the smart watch. We shall now look at one particular smart watch exclusively for men. That is the Asus ZenWatch. We shall see some exclusive reasons as to why you should purchase the Asus ZenWatch rather than any of its competitors.

Best available smart watches for men in market:

  1. Luxury “Thy name is Asus”

We shall start with the leather strap. This is a very important ingredient of the smart watches for men. The strap helps you to hold the watch in place. The Asus ZenWatch has a genuine leather watchband providing comfort throughout the day. It has a unique clasp design that allows for easy handling. This is luxury of the highest degree. There are 18 different straps.

  1. Design bordering on the Excellence:

The Asus ZenWatch has an exquisite design. It has a beautiful curved shape case. The crystal provides for a stylish look. The watch has “class” written all over it. The smooth surface allows for easy and responsive gestures. The AMOLED screen display allows for a clear view. The crystal comprises of the highest quality Corning Gorilla Glass. This prevents any scratches. The watch comes in three types of frames, Silver, Gunmetal, and Rose Gold colors. The earthy colors make it true smart watches for men.

  1. Customize your watch face:

smart watches for men

The specialty of these smart watches for men is that you can choose the watch face of your choice. There are about a hundred different combinations for you to choose. You can have a unique personal watch face exclusively for yourself. You can choose the face to suit your mood for the day. Every face is unique in its own respect. You can have one each for every day of the week to suit your personality.

  1. Wear the world on your wrist:

You can wear the entire world on your wrist. You can view all your incoming calls on your wrist. You can easily decide which call to attend and which not to just by a flick of the wrist. You can have access to other useful information too at the same time. The smart watch enables you to answer any question without removing the phone from your pocket or bag. This is a very positive feature of these smart watches for men.

  1. Capture your best moments in life:

You can coordinate with your smart phone and take exquisite selfies of yourself with your loved ones at any time you wish. You have to display your smart phone’s viewfinder on your Asus ZenWatch enabling you to capture high quality selfies with your high-resolution phone camera. The technology enables you to take pictures form creative angles and hence open up great avenues for yourself as a professional photographer.

  1. Phone Helper:

The smart watches for men comes with many smart features such as Disconnect Alarm; Find my phone and so on. These features help the watch to integrate seamlessly with your smart phone. This helps to make your life that much easier than before. You can do all these activities without even feeling the need to touch your phone.

  1. Your fitness Coach or Wellness Manager:

smart watches for men

The smart watch allows you to monitor and track your vital health statistics. The watch keeps count of the number of steps you take, the amount of calories you burn, and measures your heart rate too. This makes this watch a full time fitness coach. You can also refer to the watch as your wellness manager.

  1. Android compatibility:

The smart watch is compatible with Android OS. Today, many devices compatible with Android are compatible with the iOS too. However, the Asus ZenWatch is only Android compatible as on date.

This makes your smart watch useful throughout the day. Android wear is tremendous software organizing your information and suggesting your needs without you asking for it. You can get messages and notifications form your friends. You can also have access to weather updates at a single glance.

This watch is compatible with GPS and hence you can use it for navigation purposes with absolute ease.

The smart watch is very much as efficient as your smart phone. It can respond to texts, instant messages and emails by voice. You can ask simple questions and the watch is capable of providing you straight answers. This is the advantage of the OK Google feature.

The Android Wear software enables you to mute your calls with a simple wave of your hand. You can use this feature to avoid disturbing others during an important meeting. This would enable you to avoid unpleasant and awkward situations.

There are other excellent features such as What Next. The app will enable the watch to remind you about your next important task on hand. You can set up the reminders and hence reduce the number of distractions allowing you to focus on the task on hand.

The smart watch has an excellent security system. You can lock your smart phone using the smart watch with the help of a universal key. You can unlock the phone or the tablet by a simple touch on the face of your watch.

The “Find My Phone” feature helps you to locate the phone wherever it is. You can access these features through the smart watch. You can also use this feature on the smart phone to locate your misplaced Asus ZenWatch smart watch.


You have seen eight different advantages as to why you should opt for these smart watches for men over the others available in the market.


You should take advantage of the improving technology and equip yourself with the Asus ZenWatch smart watch. This can prove to be your best companion.

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