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LG has been often ranked within the top 5 lists of most digital products at an international level. Even when it comes to the smartwatches, this company seems to be ruling the charts. It has different smartwatch with phone brands right now, and all of them have been well-reviewed. Their price range differs drastically. The models that have rectangular dials and are shaped more like a technological gizmo than a real watch are priced lower, whereas the models that have round dials and look like real watches cost a small fortune. Here we are going to see the top brands of the LG smartwatch with phone and see what sets them apart from each other and the rest of the brands out there.

Features of some LG Smartwatch with Phone

LG G Smartwatch with Phone – Pros

You could call this the basic LG smartwatch with phone. Simply titled as G, this watch comes with all the Android features that a respectable smartwatch must have. It has a basic rectangular dial, something that people are beginning to dislike now, and it has the basic features that you would expect in a smartwatch. It connects with any Android smartphone through Bluetooth.

The simple appearance of the screen is actually quite rugged. It is both water-resistant and dust-proof, which makes it a great wear if you spend more time in the outdoors. The watch is not likely to get scratched or damaged any time soon. It also has a magnetic charger which you can use while on the move, thus adding to the usability of the watch.

It is quite a good watch for the price, and you might consider it as a starter product if you haven’t used a smartwatch with phone yet. It is wonderfully compatible with most Android apps.

LG G Smartwatch with Phone – Cons

However, there are drawbacks as well. Mostly, it is the battery that is the culprit because it has an astonishingly short life. You would find yourself running out of charge quite often. This is one of the reasons why this smartwatch attracted a lot of bad press when it was first released.

The second major problem is the screen display. Not only is it small for the given size, but it is also very inconvenient to use it in daylight conditions. Also, there’s a problem with the notification system. Users have reported that the smartwatch does not provide all the needed info. Also, though it is compatible with most apps, it is missing an important app that has become quite a hit among smartwatch with phone users — the heart-rate monitor.

Perhaps you could look at the higher models. Even though they are priced higher, they are great products that do exactly what a smartphone should.

LG Urbane Smartwatch with Phone – Pros

smartwatch with phone

If you are really looking for a great smartwatch with phone that has the LG expertise behind it, then you need to really check out the LG Urbane. This watch has a beautiful classic design that makes it look like a real watch rather than some tech gizmo tied around your wrist. Even the display issues that exist with the rudimentary LG G smartwatch are taken care of here. This one has an OLED display which makes it possible to see the screen even if the sunlight is directly shining on it.

The phone is also brilliantly connective with the phone. It has a Wi-Fi antenna that enables you to connect the phone with the watch through Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. Also, it has a higher reserve of battery than the LG G smartwatch, which means you can make better use of it and for a longer time.

LG Urbane Smartwatch with Phone – Cons

It is possible that some wearers might find the watch too clunky to use. Its classic round design also means that it is heavier than the other watches and for that reason you might not be able to wear it everywhere. At the same time, this is more of a fashion accessory than a smartwatch. You will have to spend a lot to acquire this watch, and a lot of it will be for its looks rather than its features and usability.

LG G R Smartwatch with Phone

The LG G R smartwatch with phone is definitely the most talked about watch from the LG stable. It is still an upcoming watch, but it has already raised a lot of expectations for itself in the technologically aware market. This one has a round design which makes it look more or less like a traditional watch. It also has a beautiful metallic frame that slopes gradually at the edges. There are several variations of the design out here and all of them have highly attractive dials and customizable straps. If you are looking for a good-looking watch with almost satisfactory features, this is the one you should consider.

Clearly this is a watch that is designed with the fashion-conscious people in mind. The watch will easily connect via Bluetooth with any Android smartphone provided it has a version upwards of 4.3. This direct hookup will allow the watch to receive calls and answer them too, send text messages, and access a host of other apps that are considered to be a prerequisite in a smart watch. It will be directly connected with Google Now and all its platforms.

Coming Up

smartwatch with phone

The LG smartwatch with phone of the R series is still in the ‘coming soon’ status. Though several pictures of the watch are circulating on the Internet, there is yet no proper date of release mentioned and even the price of the watch is not clear. However, trade experts expect the price to be higher than that of the other competitive smartwatches out there a definitely a premium for the LG brand itself.

Keep a lookout for this smartwatch with phone which is predicted to change the way Android technology is worn. For the first time probably, wearable technology will actually look good and make the fashion gurus turn their heads and take notice.

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