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Smartphone watches have begun to rule today’s world. Though they haven’t become so popular as to be seen on everyone’s wrist yet, a lot of people are looking for the best phone watch their money can buy. It is simple to understand then why so many companies have entered the business. Right from the top league ones, like Apple, to the not-so big ones have a best phone watch product in their catalogue. So, what does your best phone watch actually need? It should be mostly like your smart phone, but should be wearable on your wrist. In short, it should give you the same functionality as a phone but should be wearable as well. Here we shall be looking at a few things that your phone watch must possess. Use this as a checklist when you are selecting your next product.

Your Best Phone Watch Should Be an Accessory for Your Smartphone

The name ‘phone watch’ itself suggests that your watch should be an extension for your phone. This little gear must help you in performing all the tasks you would otherwise perform on your phone, such as playing music, checking out messages, managing your appointments, and such. Some of these are also fitness trackers, which will count the number of steps you walk per day, or the number of calories you burn and so on.

A Host of Features on Your Phone Watch

On the best phone watch products available out there, you should also be able to check out emails and watch videos. They will show you your social media messages on the move. The Apple phone watch line is the best in this regard. It comes loaded with a host of apps that help you to manage almost everything that you would otherwise do on your phone. And you don’t need to fish out your phone from your pocket each time. Hence, your phone watch is not a replacement for your phone; instead it is a facility that helps you check out stuff on your phone without really needing to take the phone out each time.

Choose the Phone Watch for Your Needs

best phone watch

Since there are so many products out there, there are several features as well. You might not need all those features in your phone watch. The Apple phone watch, which is also one of the most expensive brands in the market, comes hooked with several high-quality features that include a fitness tracker, a music player, compatibility with Siri, making phone calls, checking messages, checking social media updates, looking at the weather forecast and so on. You might not need all these features on your phone. However, with Apple you are bound because you cannot use other smart watches to work with your iPhone.

However, with other smartphones, you have endless options. Do some research on the best phone watch for your phone brand and see what you get. If there is something you don’t need at the moment, you could look for another product.

Usability of Your Phone Watch

Another important thing to look for is the usability. Will you be able to use your phone watch in all real-life scenarios? The Apple phone watch has a scratch-resistant surface and is light in weight, which makes it quite usable in all situations. You can wear it when jogging or traveling without any qualms. It is also quite accessible in terms of its interface. All you have to do is to check it and easily navigate it by tapping on it. Unlike the phones, your phone watches do not get locked and you don’t need to press something to unlock them each time. The ease and accessibility, along with a robust framework, is what makes a best phone watch.

Battery Life of Your Phone Watch

Phone watches, like your phone themselves, need to be recharged too. They come with a separate charger of their own. Now here, there is a lot of difference between the battery life of different phones and this might influence your decision in buying one. The Apple phone watch has a battery life of up to a day, provided you do not have many apps running at the same time. However, some of the others out there in the market have a battery life of as less as 12 hours. This might be frustrating because you don’t want to take off your phone watch in the middle of the day when you need it the most. Your best phone watch should have a battery life of at least one day so that you could charge it each night.

Using Your Phone Watch

We feel compelled to say that the way you use your phone watch is important too. Some people feel that phone watches are a distraction. On an average, if a person wears a smart watch, they will check it 150 times in a day. This is about 10 times more than for a regular watch. And with a watch like the Apple phone watch that comes with a host of features, this number might increase. Now, if you want your phone to be the best phone watch, you do not want to get too distracted by it. It is recommended to keep most of the notifications off and use only the ones that you need the most. You might only need to be notified when you have an incoming phone call or a text message.

Compatibility with the App Store

best phone watch

It is true that the apps make the phone watch and not the other way round. The Apple phone watch uses the Apple OS for watches. They have an online app store of their own, which has more than 10,000 available apps for download. This is ample for any user. More apps are being designed every day as well. In fact, the apps for Workout and Activity are rated to be among the best.

You will find a high number of apps on other app stores as well, but you have to also make sure that they will be compatible with the phone and that they are safe to download and use. Even if you have the best phone watch, one wrong app can ruin the entire thing.

So, keep these points in mind when looking for the best phone watch. The budget is certainly another point, but the prices are coming down drastically now. Even the Apple phone watch has reduced its price significantly since it was launched. Now might be a good time to check the products out there.

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