Best Smartwatch for Runners: A Guide

Best Smartwatch for Runners: A Guide

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As technology is advancing, everything which uses any kind of technology is getting updated to a higher, more enriching updates. Even the old fashioned watches, which used to be a privilege to own, once upon a time, are not nothing exceptional. These watches were gold plated, and hooked on to the coat, or shirt worn. But as time passed, watches became very common, losing its charm and antiqueness and everyone could own a watch or watches. Now as time as passed, the so called wrist watches have also been updated to smartwatches. These, just like smart phones have a lot of application. Best smartwatch for runners can be decided on the basis of what the runner requires. Be it applications calculating the amount of time run and the calories burnt, to gps navigation, to providing music. Lists such as best smartwatch for runners 2015, best smartwatch for fitness and smartwatch vs gps watch can be referred to.

Best Smartwatch for Runners: An Overview

Based on the requirements of the runner, a list of best smartwatch for runners 2015, was released. These include- Apple watch, Pebble Time, Asus Zen Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Sony Smartwatch 3, Pebble Steel, Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30, and Martian Notifier. There are a lot of other smart watches also available in the market. The best smartwatch for runners as well as the best smartwatch for fitness should be referred to before purchasing any smart watch. This is always helpful, since it will give you details regarding its features, extra features, not found on other smart watches, pros and cons, and everything else you need to know.

Music makes running easier and this earlier meant strapping on your phone to your watch, if you are using a watch to calculate you calories, pulse, heart-rate, and swimming capacity and so on. Comparing smartwatch vs gps watch can be of help in such situations. With advancing technology, it is now possible to store music on the smart watch and avail it with wireless headphones.

Here is a List of Watches With a Music Playback:

  • TomTom Spark

Best Smartwatch for Runners: A Guide


  • It supports all the running metrics – speed, distance and time
  •  has a built in heart-rate monitor
  • It has a storage of 3GB, in which music can be saved and played with the help of wireless Bluetooth headphones.


  • Complex mechanism
  • Difficult to be seen in the sun
  • Adidas miCoach Smart Run

The songs can be transferred on to the device using USB connected to the laptop, and the playlist can be managed on the wrist. The best smartwatch for runners have been a boon to the athletes and commoners as well.


  • It features a built in MP3 player which can support songs up to 4GB.
  • Provides USB connectivity
  • User friendly


  • Limitation in the color patterns
  • More of a fitness watch then a smart watch

Timex Ironman One GPS+

Currently available only in the US, this smart watch was built to endure the toughest regime. But its prospects of expanding are very high.


  • Wireless, hands free access to music at all time. The collection is huge cause of the huge amount of storage capacity, and thus, chances of getting bored of the same old song are almost zero.
  • It promotes a healthy lifestyle, since you can receive all notifications on your smart watch directly. So you don’t need to keep checking your phone for important updates.


  • It is not a self-functioning device, and is dependent on another, like a phone or tablet, for its proper functioning.

This is a brief synopsis on the variety of smart watches available in the market.

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