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smartwatches for ios

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iOS , which was formerly iPhone Operating System is an operating system, designed and programmes by Apple to be used on their mobile phones. Unlike the Android operating system, only Apple products can use the iOS. The iOS are featured on 3 of Apple products which are their iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. This 3 apple products however have several models. The iOS has also developed over time, with regular updates and newer versions. The iOS was initially released on the 29th of June 2007. The iOS currently has the version 9.3.1 which was released on the 31st of March, 2016 as well as the 9.3.2 Beta 4 latest preview which was released on 3rd of May 2015. Smartwatches for iOS has been made to be able to interact with the most recent models of these devices. The smartwatches for iOS as well as the iOS devices are able to synchronize with each other to share information through an application made for the purpose.

Smartwatches for iOS

The very tiny screen of smartwatches limits their capabilities. This has made it imperative for smartwatches to be able to relate with devices with bigger screens. The bigger screen of mobile phones as well as the fact that they are always on and moved around, just like these smartwatches, made them the best option. Also, Android operating system and the iOS are the 2 most commonly used operating system on mobile phones with android being the first and iOS being the second. Most of these smartwatches are thus made to be compatible with devices that run on both Android operating system and iOS. Here are the best smartwatches you can use with your iOS devices.

  1. Pebble Steel Smartwatch

The pebble steel smartwatch is among the smartwatches for iOS. The smartwatch which used to be one of the best smartwatches in the past, have not featured regular updates and improvements to make it continue to stay competitive. The smartwatch has a very great battery life. It however has a body design that fades easily as well as a non-colored screen. If you how want cheap smartwatches for iOS, this could be your best bet. Otherwise, there are a lot of better smartwatches for iOS.

  1. Withings Activite Pop Smartwatch

The Withings Activite Pop Smartwatch is a traditional watch that has a significant size as well as real hands. The Activite Pop smartwatch is thus a good choice if these are your specifications for the smartwatch you want. It is not possible to install apps or get notification from this smartphones. It however has the ability to do tracking of basic activities. It however has a nice look.

  1. Huawei Smartwatch

The Huawei watch is a smartwatch for iOS. The smartwatch that runs on android applications is compatible with the iPhone. The Huawei smartwatch for iOS is significantly big and expensive. The watch might not appeal to a lot of people except those that love ostentatious and big smartwatches. You can go for the smartwatch if you are okay with the size. Otherwise, you can go for better smartwatches for iOS.

smartwatches for ios

  1. Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

Amongst smartwatches for iOS that runs on Android operating system, Moto 360 is one of the best. The smartwatch which is compatible with iPhone works efficiently and satisfactorily. Though there are still better overall options for smartwatches for iOS, the Motorola moto 360 smartwatch for iOS is however a good phone and can be used to carry out a lot of things on iPhone and other iOS operation system devices.

  1. Pebble Time Smartwatch

The Pebble time smartwatch is the best overall choice, if you do not want to go for the apple watch. Its advantages over the apple watch, include the longer battery life and cheaper price. There are different models of the Pebble Time smartwatch including the Pebble Time Round that is recently announced as well as the primary non-colored model that was released in 2014. The basic pebble time smartwatch is however the selected choice as it has an affordable price, quick operation and a screen that is colored.

smartwatches for ios

The smartwatch for iOS has good look under the sun and is always on which it has an e-paper display. The life of the battery also goes on for days. You also have the option of choosing a style and color that suits you. The watch band of the smartwatch can also be replaced easily.

The pebble smartwatches for iOS also works well on Android. It is possible to get some 3rd party applications, custom faces for watch as well as basic counting of step and notifications.

The functionality of the Pebble smartwatch is however, only limited to functions that apple allows other watchmakers to carry out on the iPhone. This implies a very restricted control with voice as well as lack of good applications that is featured on Apple Watch.

  1. Apple Watch

The best smartwatches for iOS that you can however get is Apple Watch. Since both the apple watch and the smartwatch is produced by apple, you can be sure that their functionality would be the best. If you have the funds (as it costs over $500), then you should get the apple watch. The interface of the apple watch would also be very familiar to users of iOS devices. The apple watch also comes at differences prices and comes with different bands, colors and styles. The apple watch is fully integrated and well-polished smartwatch for iOS devices.

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  2. Devices like the Apple Watch and Moboi’s Ticwatch tops the list of the UK’s most popular smartwatches. These devices are capable of telling the time as well as being able to perform a number of other useful functions like giving directions, performing calculations, notifying you of incoming emails and texts, answering calls, taking pictures and playing music

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