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Sony has been known as the leader of tech innovation for a long time. Not only has the brand been identified with its stellar approach at incorporating the latest features, but it is also known for its razor-sharp designing that puts its products leagues ahead of any race. Check out the latest smart watches of the Sony Smart Watch 3 range for example. These are some of the best Android wearables available on the market line right now. The reviews indicate that everything about this product — from the specifications to the designing — is just perfect. Here we take a look at why these latest smart watches from Sony are head and shoulders above the rest.

Accessibility of Latest Smart Watches from Sony

 Sony Smart Watch 3

It is actually a bit of a surprise to know that the latest smart watches from Sony work on the Android OS. This is because Sony has spent a bit of time and resources in trying to develop its own OS, but their smart watches are compatible with all the smart phones that run on the Android technology. The Sony Smart Watch 3, which is the latest in the league to be launched is perfectly compatible with all smart phones that run on the Android system and the two devices complement each other quite well.

Tuning Up for the New Trends

latest smart watches

Sony has always been an innovator and it is great to see that these latest smart watches are equipped with some of the most recent features that one would like to see. There is a micro USB port for charging, for example, which is a huge convenience. In earlier watches, you needed to have a charging case. But here, you do not need to worry as you can easily charge your phone watch even when you are traveling. This kind of upgraded hardware system is one of the prime reasons why this watch is making people accept it. In other hardware terms, you will find that the Sony Smart Watch 3 is quite the same as most of Samsung’s or LG’s smart watches. The designing and structure feel almost the same.

Huge Charging Benefits

It is not just about the mode you can use to charge your phone watch, but also the battery life itself is quite impressive. If you do not overuse your phone watch, i.e. do not use too many apps all on at once, then your battery could even last between 2 and 5 days, which is the highest range among phone watch batteries. As more and more latest smart watches are launched, the battery time is also increasing, and it is indeed heartening to see that we can use the Sony Smart Watch 3 for days at a stretch without needing to stick it to a wall unit practically every night as other watches require.

Display Screen Benefits

One of the reasons why the battery runs for such a long time is that the screen of these latest smart watches from Sony is not high resolution. You will find several other phone watches in the market that have a better display rating. With the Sony Smart Watch 3, it is merely a 320 x 320 resolution and the screen is a comfy 1.6 inch display. Actually, even with these settings, the screen is quite easily visible even in daylight conditions. Perhaps we are much too used to brighter screens, but this one is quite adequate as well. And if it prolongs the battery life, then it’s a major advantage in itself.

The Convenience of Size

There is a reason why Sony has gone for a 1.6 inch display for its latest smart watches. Market surveys indicate that people use watches merely as accessories to their phones and not as individual units in themselves, and for this reason, smaller sizes are preferred. The smaller sizes make them more wearable. Due to the light weight, they can be kept on practically throughout the day. Hence, Sony has calculatedly taken this decision to have a small display screen which actually enhances the usability of the watch.

Comfortably Customizable

latest smart watches

One of the nifty little features that you won’t find easily in the other latest smart watches out there is that the entire watch unit is fit in a square box that makes up the dial. The strap is completely detachable and even replaceable. This is done keeping in mind the fashion-conscious people. If you do not wish to be seen wearing the same watch every day, you could actually have a stock of straps in your house and keep changing them, perhaps to complement the color of your attire for the day. Also, if market rumors at to be believed, the detach ability has a purpose. Sony wishes to come up with a line of other products where the square watch block can be easily fit in. This is probably another innovation that’s soon to come up from Sony’s stable.

Large Power in a Small Size

The processor used by the Sony Smart Watch 3 is a robust quad-core CPU and it comes equipped with 512 MB of RAM. This makes it one of the top league watches in terms of hardware. Among all the latest smart watches, this is perhaps the only one that could play large audio and video files with impeccable quality and manage a lot of data as well.


The only stumbling block of most Sony products is the pricing. They are always considered to be a tad bit higher than other competitor products within the category. Even here, the price is a hefty $300 which is heavier than other latest smart watches in the market. But if you use a lot of tech and want the best product in the field, then you should not really mind shelling out the slightly exorbitant cost.

Compatibility with Other Features

You could use your Sony watch with a host of apps that can be downloaded from the app stores. You could use it as a remote control for your household devices, or use it like a kind of personal music player. With the huge storage space, you are definitely not going to run out of the scope for experimentation with this product.

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