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Man has invented smartphones and smartwatches for use. However, they would be useless without the smart applications. You need to download these smart apps on to your phones and watches to enable them to perform efficiently. There are many smart apps available in the market. However, as far as smart apps for smart watches in the health and sports category are concerned, the TomTom MySports Connect is the one to look out. This is a fantastic smart app. You can see the functioning as well as utility of this smart app in the lines to come.

Get the most of the TomTom MySports Connect smart app:

You should download this smart app on to your smart watch. We shall see how to do it. The procedure is in fact, very simple to follow.

You can download the same from the website

  • The first step is to download the TomTom MySports Connect
  • Now you should go ahead with connecting your TomTom GPS Watch.
  • It is better to sign up with TomTom MySports for receiving updates.

Managing your activities:

You can use the smart app to manage various activities as follows.

  • Using the graphical activity dashboard, you can review your progress over a period.
  • You have the option of seeing your activities on a map to enable you to analyze specific route segments.
  • You can set up training sessions and analyze past performances.

Utilities of the TomTom MySports Connect:

This smart app allows you to wear your sports as well as fitness activities on your wrist. You have access to four different types of activities as follows.

  • You can use the TomTom MySports Connect app for playing golf.
  • You can use the same for monitoring your running activities and analyzing your performances and schedules.
  • In addition to running, you can make use of the app for many other sports such as cycling, swimming and so on.
  • You can keep perfect track of your fitness levels by maintaining the heart rate and other activities.

We shall see the various utilities individually in detail in the following paragraphs.

The TomTom Golfer:

This app allows you to know the following.

  • You get an idea about the golf course in detail. You can see the precise distances to the hazards, lay-ups and the greens as well. In fact, you can use this app for the tournaments. It is legal.
  • The app helps you to plan and hit the perfect approach shot. The display will guide you through the course with its unique graphics.
  • You will get updates about the latest course data over the internet from your smartphone.

tomtom mysports connect

There is a premium edition of the TomTom MySports Connect Golfer. In addition to the above features, this has advanced features as follows.

  • High quality leather strap
  • A handy TomTom ball marker
  • You can use the cart or bag to hold your watch while at play.

Running as well as Heart Rate Monitoring

  • You can use this TomTom MySports Connect app for analyzing your running activities as well as gathering your heart rate information. You need not use a separate cheat strap for the same.
  • You can race with yourself by comparing your past and present timings.
  • You can optimize your heart rate zone with every run. There are different options to choose such as Sprint, Speed, Endurance, and Fat burn modes.
  • You can track your statistics and do a complete analysis.
  • You get a fair idea about your real time speed, pace and the amount of calories you burn with each run.

tomtom mysports connect

This is one of the best uses of the TomTom MySports connect smart app.

The latest generation sports fitness app for your smartwatch

The TomTom MySports Connect app also doubles up as a musical motivator. You can store up to 500 songs inside. This makes it one of the best TomTom Spark Cardio + Music GPS fitness watch.

You can see the sleekness of the design above. This makes it very comfortable to wear. These watches have an extra large screen for enhanced visibility. They come with a variety of strap options and in many eye-catching colors.

This TomTom MySports Connect app can do the following activities.

  • It can keep track of your steps, active minutes, as well as the amount of calories you burn.
  • You can measure your heart rate on your wrist and take corrective action if necessary. You need not use a chest strap for the purpose.
  • You can track all your workouts and switch from one mode to another easily. This entails you can run, ride the bike, do the gym, as well as swim and do the treadmill. This app can keep track of every activity.
  • The app allows you to measure and analyze your progress. You can set weekly or monthly targets. You can set your goal and track the progress.

Try out the following TomTom watches:

The following TomTom watches comes with built-in TomTom MySports Connect software application. You need not download the app in these watches at all.

TomTom Spark:

tomtom mysports connect

This watch has the following qualities.

  • You can do 24 X 7 tracking using the GPS.
  • This watch has a multi sport mode.

TomTom Spark Cardio:

In addition to the above qualities, you can use this smartwatch for monitoring the heart rate. This watch comes with a built-in heart rate monitor.

TomTom Spark Music:

This is a multi-sport mode watch capable of storing more than 500 songs.

TomTom Spark Cardio + Music:

This is an improved version of the above watch. You can use this watch to monitor your heart rate as well.

Additional features on all the TomTom watches:

  • You can use these watches to track your sleeping patterns.
  • You can do wireless synchronization with your various apps.


You have seen the utilities of the TomTom MySports Connect smart app. You should be using this app to analyze your fitness levels while you exercise.

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