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Kids are special. However, kids are kids. You cannot expect them to behave like adults. Kids have the tendency to lose themselves in the crowd. In fact, you should be able to keep track of your kids every minute of the day. You might be in office while the kids might be at school. You should have precise information as to where they are and what they are doing. Technology has developed largely. You should use this technology to pinpoint their location at any point of time. In fact, it is very simple. You can install the simple mobile application, Tinitell in their mobile phone. Alternatively, you can purchase a wearable mobile phone along with the built-in application. Tinitell is one such smartphone for you.

Introducing the Tinitell, a wearable mobile phone only for kids

The history behind Tinitell:

Tinitell is a mobile phone having a GPS tracker for kids. This is the smallest wearable mobile phone in the world. You can also call it the “Kid’s smartwatch.” You can strap this wearable phone on to a toddler’s wrist.

This is the brainchild of a Swedish startup company. They have made use of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the product. The commercial production is now on.

Features of the Tinitell:

There are many unique features of the Tinitell. Naturally, this is exclusively for use by toddlers and kids. This phone need not have advanced features at all. Let us see the uniqueness of this wearable phone.

  • The gadget does not contain any screen at all. It has a hardware button that the child can use to activate the interface. It has a voice recognition system to summon a particular person.


  • This phone has GPS facility enabling one to track their kids anywhere.
  • It uses a 2G GSM SIM for connectivity purposes, powering the voice calls and does the GPS tracking.
  • It has an efficient battery capable of lasting up to seven days on the standby mode.
  • The phone is water resistant as well as sandbox proof, making it apt for rough use by kids.

How do you use the phone?

You have to synchronize your smartphone with the Tinitell by downloading the smart phone application. Once you have done this initial procedure, it is very easy for the kid to use the phone.

  • The kid has to push the big button at the centre to make or answer a call. This app will connect him or her with its parents and friends. However, all of them should have the connecting app on their phones.
  • GPS Positioning: The phone comes with GPS tracking technology. You would be able to track your kid wherever she or he is. The Tinitell app allows you to do that. In this way you can ensure, your child does not lose his way. Imagine if the same app had been available to the young kid in the film, “Baby’s Day Out.” Maybe the film would not have run at all. The parents would have been able to locate their child easily.

Security is a priority as far as children are involved:

By synchronizing your phone with the Tinitell, you can manage the contact list. There would be no confusion of any sort. No one can do unintentional or prank calls. The monitoring would be in your hands through the Tinitell app.

Durability of the phone:

The wearable phone uses durable materials for its manufacture. It is water resistant as well as shockproof. It is dirt proof as well. Children are children. They may use the phone in a rough manner. The phone should be able to withstand all these and still perform its duties. Hence, the manufacturers have taken consideration of all these aspects. This phone is a sturdy one.

Choice of colors:

This mobile comes in various colors. You can choose the one your kids like. Each of these wearable phones comes with a price tag of $ 149.00. Considering the safety aspect of the kids, this amount is trifle.


Advantages of the Tinitell:

There are many advantages of the Tinitell. We shall see some of them.

  • This is primarily a kid’s phone. Kids too love to have their own phones. This can serve as a dual purpose.
  • You would be able to locate your kid at any point of time using the synchronizing app on your smart phone.
  • You kid would be safe. It cannot lose its way. You would be able to track where he or she is.
  • The kid would be able to correspond with you in an emergency. Conversely, you too could do so with him or her.
  • The phone does not have any screen as such. The kid can have a great time in the water too with this gadget.
  • The gadget is shockproof too. Your kids can make rough use of it without fear of damaging it.
  • The child need not remember any number for using the phone. It can just press the button and say either “Mom” or “Dad.” The corresponding number will connect on its own. However, older children can manually search for the contacts as well.
  • The GPS tracker can enable you to monitor the activities of the child. You can see wherever the child has been throughout the day.

The interesting story behind the designing of this phone:

We shall end this on an interesting note. The design was the brainchild of Stockholm designer Mats Horn. One of his friend’s sons wanted to go out and play. Since his friend did not like lending out his smartphone to the kid, the child ended up playing inside the house. This sparked the creativity in Horn who decided to design a gadget exclusively for kids. This should double up as a sort of information gatherer for their parents. Tinitell is the result of this creativity. A Kickstarter campaign in 2012 enabled him to complete the design and release the gadget in the market.

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