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With regards to smart watches, Samsung has had its foot on the gas pedal in the last year. In the wake of propelling the galaxy smart watch September 2014, the organization pushed out three more watches in April, 2015 and another in July, 2015. Furthermore, their recent launch is Gear S.

In case you are confused, and not able to decide which one to choose, here is a comparison between all the galaxy smart watch, go through it and then make your mind.

List of Samsung galaxy smart watch

These are the six Samsung galaxy smart watch that will be taking a gander at:

  • Gear S
  • Gear Live
  • Gear Fit
  • Gear 2
  • Gear 2 Neo
  • Galaxy Gear

galaxy smart watch

  • Software

Aside from the Android Wear-running Gear Live and the Gear Fit, the majority of the watches run Samsung’s Tizen stage for watches.

The Galaxy Gear is the uncommon cell phone that was overhauled with a totally distinctive working framework. The watch dispatched running a custom adaptation of Android; however, it now runs Tizen also.

  • Voice control

Android Wear has the better voice control, as it puts the rate and flexibility of Google Now on your wrist. Samsung is teasing “improved S Voice” for the Gear S, however, so we’re energetic discovering what that implies.

  • Notifications

Pretty much like any other smart watch you can purchase, these watches convey cell phone alarms to your wrist. You can likewise pick which telephone applications will send notices to your watch.

  • Size

The Android Wear-running Gear Live is the most slender, at the same time, having invested quality, energy with the initial five of these watches; I don’t think the live important feels much more slender.

Since the Gear Fit is to a greater degree a wellness tracker than undeniable smart watch, it’s much smaller than the rest. So, galaxy smart watch are really getting smarter, Huh?

  • Weight

The Gear Fit is additionally the lightest; however, we don’t consider any of these watches heavy to wear on the wrist.

Samsung didn’t list the Gear S’ weight in its underlying press materials. In light of my hands-on time with it, you can say it’s the heaviest in this cluster – yet not all that substantial that it gives you anything to stress over.

  • Swappable band

Everything except the first Galaxy Gear let you swap out their default groups for an alternate style.

On account of the Gear 2, Neo and Live, you can utilize any standard 22 mm band. You can swap bands on the Gear S, yet not with standard groups.

  • Hues

Everything except the Gear Fit is sold in various colors. You can at present alter it, however, by purchasing an alternate shaded substitution band.

  • Standalone remote

The Gear S is a historic gadget, as you can pop in a SIM card and gets 3G information without the assistance of your telephone. In the event that smart watches are in the long run going to supplant our cell phones, then the Gear S is a stage in that bearing.

  • Non-Samsung Android similarity

For the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Neo and Fit, you’ll have to match your watch with a late Samsung Galaxy telephone.

The Gear S doesn’t work freely, however, can combine with a telephone over either Bluetooth or the Internet.

As the main Android Wear watch in this group, the Gear Live plays pleasantly with any Android telephone running 4.3 or higher.

The Gear Fit isn’t formally bolstered on non-Samsung phones, however, in the event that you introduce the Gear Fit Manager Application on any Android phone and it will work. You’ll simply be feeling the loss of a couple highlights, similar to the climate and wellness information matching up.

  • iPhone similarity

In case you’re an iPhone proprietor, then none of these watches will work with your handset.

  • Always on display

We don’t yet know whether the Gear S will have a dependably in plain view, however, none of the past Tizen-running Gears do. Just the Android Wear-running Gear Live abandons some sort of watch face appearing at all times.

  • Bended showcase

galaxy smart watch

Notwithstanding its 3G capacities, this is liable to be the Gear S’ executioner element. You will become an aficionado of the Gear Fit’s bended screen, yet it was difficult to get excessively amped up for such a restricted gadget. The much greater bended presentation on the Gear S could make it a standout amongst the most fascinating smart watches yet.

  • Screen Size

The Gear S additionally gives you substantially more land than any of alternate watches here.

That can have its points of interest, in any case, with regards to wearables; greater isn’t continually going to be better. Normally, the more cell phone like a wearable turns into, the less gems like it gets to be.

  • Screen Resolution

The Gear S additionally looks somewhat more honed than alternate watches.

  • Home button location

We’ve seen the Samsung explore different avenues regarding home catches in favor of the watch, and in addition under the screen. Android Wear utilizes an onscreen motion for home, so there’s just a force catch in favor of the Gear Live.

  • Water resistance

The vast majority of the watches offers IP67 water resistance, which means they can sit in 1 m  of water for 30 minutes, and turn out on a par with new. The Galaxy Gear is the solitary holdout, with an IP55 rating.

  • Worked with GPS

The Gear S is the main watch in this cluster to offer implicit GPS. Samsung is additionally joining forces with Nokia to convey the organization’s here route administration to the Gear S.

In spite of the fact that the Gear Live doesn’t have any GPS equipment installed, it displays Google Maps route cautions from your telephone. None of alternate watches do that.

  • Camera

You might think whether Samsung is moving far from the cameras in its watches, as the new lead, the Gear S, doesn’t have one. The Gear Live didn’t have a camera either, however, that was not out of the ordinary: Android Wear isn’t presently intended for cameras.

The missing camera is likewise the essential distinction between the Gear 2 Neo and the more costly Gear 2.

  • Cost

The Gear S is the most costly in this gathering, retailing for between US$300-400 full retail.  The Gear Live, Gear 2 and Neo all fall in the $200-300 territory, while the Gear Fit and Galaxy Gear plunge underneath that.


Now you can easily choose which galaxy smart watch you want to purchase. I am sure previously it was hard to choose among the sea of galaxy smart watch, but now we made that work easy for you.

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