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Smartwatches are soon turning out to be the most happening latest trend in technology. You might have heard of a smartwatch that can text. For some time, this was one of the handicaps of smartwatches, that you could not send out messages via these devices. But now that we have many a smartwatch that can text and even send out other means of communication, even this shortcoming has been taken care of. The text messages are short and snappy and can be sent through a voice recognition app that is built into the phone. Also, it is possible to send hand-drawn emojis if you do not want to send text. Now, how cool is that! Here we shall be seeing a few top brands that have smartwatches that can help send text.

Best Smartwatch that Can Text

 Sony Smart Watch 3

The Sony Smart Watch 3 has to be definitely the best smart watch that can send text messages. It is at least one of the simplest. It sends texts through a voice recognition software. All you have to do is to go into the requisite system app and say that you want to send a text message. Then you have to say the name of the person you want to send the message to. Once that is done, you have to speak out the message loud and clear and it gets delivered.

This sounds like a very easy way to send messages and it is too, but there are a few drawbacks. The first one is that you can only send messages to the people who are already in your phone contact list. You cannot send messages to new people. Secondly, voice recognition being what it is, there are several chances that your message will not be sent correctly.

But otherwise, it is a fine system that you could use. You can even send emojis by just drawing them by hand on the screen. The respective emoji is understood and rendered by the device and then sent to the person whose name you called out.

Pebble Smartwatches

smartwatch that can text

Pebble has recently launched a few smartwatches that can send text messages. However this smartwatch that can text is available only for the iPhone users. This is the first brand outside of Apple that can do this, i.e. send text messages on an Apple phone. The text messages that can be sent are only replies as of now, which means you cannot create new messages. It requires some amount of setting up on the device as well. This includes upgrading the iPhone app on the watch to 3.4 or higher if it is not already. Then the watch needs to be set up using specific configurations to make it compatible to send messages on Apple phones. Once that is done, the messages can be sent.

The messages that can be sent on Pebble smartwatch that can text are replied to a few set-in responses, or voice messages. There is no keypad where you can customize your messages for now. Also, one big disadvantage is that so far this service is only restricted to AT&T postpaid accounts.

Moto 360 Smartwatches

It is actually quite fun to send text messages using your Moto 360 watch. This is really a smartwatch that can text. All you have to do is to speak out the message and the name of the person to whom the message is supposed to go to. For instance, you could just tell your watch, “Tell Jack Green I am coming home.” Speaking out loud and clear is a must, and if Jack Green is in your list of contacts, the message will be sent to him. If you do not wish to speak out loud, then the message can be sent via a manual method as well. In this mode you have a preset list of a few messages that you can choose from the list and send to the person intended.

There are other smartwatches that work in a similar manner too. Most prominent among them are the other Android watches similar to Moto 360, such as LG G. They also follow the same pattern for sending text messages.

Zen Watch Smartwatches

Zen Watch is another smartwatch that can text. This ASUS brand has a simple format to send the messages. You have to first configure the watch on the Android platform to be able to do so. You have to click on settings where you directly find an option to send text messages. You could even say ‘Send a Text’ directly to bring up this screen. Once that is done, all you have to do is to speak the message and the name of the recipient. The phone will take a little while to understand the message through its voice recognition software. Then it will convert it to text and send it to the intended recipient.

Zen Watches are also one of the cheapest brands among smartwatch that can text. This feature has brought it to the top of the league, and not without reason.

Samsung Smartwatches

smartwatch that can text

The Samsung Gear S is a smartwatch that can text. It works in a similar fashion as all other phone watches that work on the Android platform, especially the Moto 360. It also has a simple voice recognition pattern that identifies not only your message but also the name of the recipient. You could also choose from a list of messages that are already built into the watch. One of the best advantages here is the benefit that you derive from Samsung’s robust technology. This is definitely one of the better options out there.

There are several options for smartwatch that can text but you need to understand that this is still quite a nascent technology. You will not always be happy with the quality of the texts that you are trying to send and this is especially true if the phone uses voice recognition. Even so, it is  a feature that is growing in popularity and your phone watch certainly needs to have it.

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