Samsung smart watch review for Gear Live

samsung smart watch review

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With so many options of available in the market, purchasing smart watches is getting tougher every day. This Samsung smart watch review can act as a curtain raiser for knowing details of Samsung smart watches.

Everyone wishes to get the best while purchasing any item and this is equally true in case of buying a smart watch. Smart watches purchased for many services these provide. Because of the plethora of models available it is now really difficult to choose the best. Samsung has many models of smart watches. Some are the best for style & display, some for technicalities. And there are also some that are the best when cost affordability is concerned. This Samsung smart watch review article apprise you of the details of Samsung Gear live smart watches.

Samsung smart watch review of different models

Smart watches maintain continuous wireless connection to the smart phones and can also receive various notifications, send instant messages, update social networks etc. Samsung smart watches have many models such as Gear S, Gear Fit, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Galaxy Gear, etc. And this Samsung smart watch review will dwell on Samsung Gear live that runs the Google’s new Android Wear software.

samsung smart watch review

Samsung smart watch review of design

Samsung Gear live has an attractive space age design. It has metal body and provided with a simple wrist band for a posh look. It also has a large bright screen for display with a button on the side for turning on the display and bringing up Google voice. There is also a heart rate monitor on the back. Conforming to IP67 it has water and dust resistant properties, but you should not swim wearing it.

Samsung smart watch review of specification

It is provided with 1.65-inch sAMOLED display with 320×320 resolutions. It further provides the comfort of having a side button to turn on or dim the display. The smart watch runs on 1.2 GHz processor and has onboard storage capacity of 4GB and 512MB RAM. This seems to be okay as Android wears send pushed notification that does not consume much space.

Samsung smart watch review of Android wear:

The smart watches pair with apps available on your phone and send specific messages automatically. Running on Android Wear apps the Gear live smart watches belong to a different class. Connecting via Bluetooth it provides options for checking compatible apps, adjust alarms, mute notifications etc.

samsung smart watch review

Samsung smart watch review of fitness:

Fitness or compatibility is also a very vital point for Samsung smart watch review. The Gear Live is compatible with all Android phones running 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.0. It can count steps and heart beat if the Heart Rate apps are pulled. But it does not provide data on calorie counting or other lifestyle requirements. Wit Google opening Google Fit, the new fitness platform it is expected to combine all fitness apps.

Samsung smart watch review of battery:

It is provided with 300mAh Battery and comes with Samsung standard AC adapters with permanently attached micro-USB cable. In case all the apps are required to be kept on throughout the day the smart watch needs full charging next morning.

The pros

It has metal body, conforming to IP67 requirements, has more features for price, impressive voice recognition.

The Cons

Low battery life, display not working in bright sunlight, difficulty in popping up card based notification

The Bottom Line

To conclude the Samsung smart watch review of Samsung Gear Live it must be said that Samsung has perhaps finalized their smart watch design for the time being. The Gear Live, although having a short battery life, is expected to have more of apps in future.

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