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The world is becoming a very small place at a rapid rate. Small is always beautiful. Now it is the need of the hour too. You can find the small smart watch all around the place today. The technology has become smart today. You can do anything with a smart watch today. Right from communicating through social network or email to your fitness tracking, everything is possible using a smart watch. There are hundreds of smart watches in the market today. It is a very difficult task to choose the best ones for review. However, we shall look at some good small smart watch through this article.

Small smart watch Best Suitable For You:

  1. Garmin Vivoactive HR:

You can find the Elevate optical heart sensor technology as found in the Vivosmart HR fitness tracker as well as the Forerunner 235 models. This is a much improved model as compared to the earlier one. The square face has gone. The rectangular face is the new trend in town today. The watch has a very high screen quality. Of course, it cannot match the high quality of Apple watch. However, the screen quality is an improvement on the earlier ones. You can track activities such as rowing and skiing too. This small smart watch comes with a price tag of $ 249.00

  1. Fitbit Alta:

This smart watch is a very stylish one. It looks more like a jewelry item rather than a watch. The watch comes with a 3-axis accelerometer enabling you to track the steps, distance, and calories burnt. The watch also assists in tracking sleeping patterns. It offers reminders every hour to move ahead with small 250-step mini goals. The biggest disadvantage of this watch is the lack of a GPS or an optical heart rate monitor. The watch has a battery life of five days and is water resistant. It is compliant with android, iOS, as well as with Windows OS. The watch is available for $ 129.99.

  1. Misfit Ray:

This is a sleek looking small smart watch. You might find this cylindrical shaped fitness tracker to be odd. However, there is a reason behind the same. People today do not like to crowd their wrists with too many attachments. This sleek looking watch can double up as a fashion jewelry item. It looks like a bracelet and you can wear it as a necklace too. The watch has two replaceable batteries with a battery life of at least six months. As far as fitness tracking is concerned, this watch can cover the steps, automatic sleep detection, and the usual fitness controls.

small smart watch

  1. FitBit Blaze:

There are many fitness trackers in the international market today. The FitBit Blaze comes as a breath of fresh air. It has a brand new color display. The watch comes with very easy software for beginners to understand easily. It can cater to step tracking, sleep monitoring, as well as 24/7 heart rate monitoring. However, there is one big disadvantage too. The watch does not have GPS or a heart rate monitor for intensive training. However, the watch should rank high on the customer preference list. Priced at $249.99, this watch is a bit expensive, no doubt.

  1. Jawbone UP2

This is a very simple smart watch. Many people prefer this piece due to its attractive pricing below $ 100.00. Not long ago, many watch buyers preferred this small smart watch over the others. However, the competitors have grown up and today this watch faces stiff competition in the market. The main advantage of this watch is the easy user interface. The main features of this watch are stepped tracking, sleep monitoring, as well as smart alarm. This watch has tremendous data insights. This makes it stay ahead of the competition today.

  1. Under Armor Band

This is another fitness tracker smart watch. At one point in time, this smart watch was not that popular. However, things have changed today. The latest models of the smart watch show a lot of promise. The main advantage of this smart watch is the UA Record app. It can store your health data in the best possible manner. The watch has an optical heart rate monitor capable of working 24/7. The smart watch can also measure your steps as well as your sleep patterns. The watch can also keep track of your workouts as well. The small smart watch is available for $ 180.00

  1. Microsoft Band 2

This is a sleek smart watch in all respects. There have been many versions of this watch with each later one being more efficient than the earlier ones. Hence, the latest version of the smart watch is an advanced one with all the latest features with GPS connectivity too. You can use the GPS facility even while running making it one of the best small smart watch to wear on endurance runs such as the marathons etc. The watch can keep accurate track of your steps as well as sleep patterns. You can measure your heart rate as well as use the GPS while playing golf too. For all these facilities, this watch comes at a price of $ 249.99

small smart watch

  1. Moov Now:

Until now, we have seen the smart watches one can wear on land. We shall now see a smart watch you can wear inside water. This smart watch by the name of Moov Now is a water resistant watch in all respects. It has a unique design enabling you to wear the same on your wrist as well as on your legs too. This enables the watch to monitor your movements while swimming as well as cycling. The watch can also track your step and sleep patterns making it a decent activity band at times when you are not into sporting activities. The watch is very inexpensive at $ 79.98.


We have seen eight small smart watches capable of assessing your fitness levels and tracking the same on an all-time basis. These features make these watches the best small smart watch available in the market today.

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