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Women are equal to men in every respect. If men can have a smart watch exclusively for themselves, women too have an equal right. An exclusive womens smart watch will have some typical features. We shall see what they are during the course of this article. Many watch manufacturing companies manufacture smart watches that are common for both sexes. However, Fossil has manufactured an exclusive womens smart watch. We shall go a bit into the details of its features, pros and cons, and reasons as to why you should purchase this watch.

In fact, you should know that Fossil Q Founder is the first Android smart watch manufactured by the fashion powerhouse. This watch hopes to rival the traditional watchmaker’s product such as Apple Watch, Moto 360 and so on. You have to admit that this watch might seem a bit expensive to many. However, you should also not expect quality products to come cheap. Priced at $ 295.00, this product is cheap as compared to Tag Heuer, LG Watch Urbane, and the Huawei Watch.

In case you feel allergic to metal bands, you can always opt for the watch with a leather band. This would make you save a cool twenty bucks. Let us now look into the features of this exquisite womens smart watch.

Need to Choose Best womens smart watch?

Fossil Q Founder: Exemplary design and sturdy build

The smart watch manufacturers have learnt by experience on how to design the perfect smart watch. The Fossil Q Founder takes care of all the shortcomings of the earlier generation smart watches. It looks like one of the Chronograph watches, but with a major difference. This watch has a touch screen. You should admit that this is a big watch weight around 72g. In fact, this might be the biggest Android smart watch for women. This watch has a bigger frame than that of the Moto 360. Maybe the manufacturers did not want you to hide the watch under your sleeve. You have to show this watch to the world at large.

There is an option for replacing the metal band with a genuine leather one. This can reduce the weight of the watch considerably.

You can also chop off some of the links and make the watch sit snugly across your wrist. In this way, you can make a forceful statement.

This watch looks good enough for you to part with some of the fashion jewelry. This watch can amply compensate for the same.

Fossil Q Founder: Solid forceful Display:

womens smart watch

The large screen is the focus of many a discussion about this womens smart watch. Anybody can notice the black colored band at the bottom of the screen. It has a special significance. It houses the ambient sensors allowing them to adjust the brightness of the watch to match with the surroundings. The manufacturers have to find ways to improve this aspect of the watch.

Other than this, the screen is fantastic. It has a solid 1.5-inch LCD display with a 360 X 326 resolution. This makes it a very sharp looking watch. This watch can look very beautiful in the nighttime.

The screen has a small microphone tucked away on the left side. This is a dust as well as water resistant microphone allowing you to have a shower wearing this smart watch.

Fossil Q Founder: Exhilarating Android Wear experience:

The Android Wear OS is the heart of this smart watch. However, this smart watch is compatible with both the Android and the iOS as well.

The watch comes with its exclusive Q companion app. This app allows you to handle the numerous faces of the smart watch. You can customize the look of your watch according to your preferences using this feature. You can also adjust the background colors.

Of course, any Android OS requires you to do a lot of swiping around before you arrive at the desired result. However, people with experience of Android do not find it so irritating at all.

Any Android device can take advantage of the Google’s ‘voice search’ software program. However, you need not consider it as a hindrance at all. You may require some time to accustom yourself to the system.

You can use this womens smart watch as an excellent fitness coach. This watch can keep track of your steps as well as your sleeping patterns. The accelerometer is a welcome addition to the features. The fitness tracker app is comparable to the best in the industry among its peers. The app can also allow you to store and analyze your fitness data. You can see the comparison of the Fossil with its nearest competitor Jawbone UP2 on the right side of the screen.


womens smart watch

The specifications of this womens smart watch is not much different from that of other similar smart watches on the Android platform.

  • It has a 1GB RAM with 4GB internal storage memory.
  • It is compatible with Wi-Fi enabling you to listen to your favorite music while on the move.
  • An Intel Atom Z34XX processor presents a welcome break from the traditional Qualcomm processors found in other smart watches.
  • Battery life is a maximum of twenty-four hours. You may not find any other Android based system with a longer battery life. You can tinker with the brightness levels and keep your Wi-Fi off to increase your battery life by 20% to 40%. However, that would defeat the very purpose of the smart watch.
  • You can also reduce the notifications to increase your battery life as and when you require.


  • This is an attractive womens smart watch.
  • You can make an effective fashion statement.
  • The watch has an excellent fitness tracker system in place.


  • The watch does not have GPS connectivity. Thus, you may not use the tracker while on a run.
  • The black band on the screen can serve as a distraction. Fossil might find a better alternative in its subsequent versions.


This is a first-rate womens smart watch. Any self-respecting woman should own one to make an effective fashion statement.

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