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Follow the TomTom Smartwatch Review before Buying

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Named as one of the best smart watches of 2016, the Tomtom smart watch has quite a few features not found in other smart watches and also a few setbacks.  Based on your requirements, you can decide what would be best for your needs; and if you decide on purchasing a Tomtom smart watch, first compare all the different models of it, in the market. TomTom smart watches are getting better with each new produce, or rather each subsequent generation. These TomTom watches let you leave you smart phones behind at home, when you go for a workout at the gym, a run, jogging, etc. Also the new TomTom smart watches have an additional 3GB storage, in which you can keep your songs and listen to then on Bluetooth connected headphones.  The TomTom smartwatch review will act as a guideline for your convenience on which you can decide with TomTom start watch meets your needs. In this article the following reviews will be provided – tomtom multi sport smartwatch review, tomtom runner cardio review, and tomtom golfer review. Apart from this, the tomtom spark review can also be found.

TomTom Smartwatch Review: Different Models

Let us look as some of the models of the TomTom smart watch:

  1. TomTom Golfer

Follow the TomTom Smartwatch Review before Buying

This is an amazing product that will surely catch your eye. The following are the features:


  • has GPS connectivity
  • various apps related to the game
  • sporty look


  • color options are limited
  • complex technical aspects
  1. TomTom Multi Sport Smartwatch

Follow the TomTom Smartwatch Review before Buying

The TomTom Multi Sport Smartwatch has an extra-large display that makes it easier to see statistics at a glance. It supports a one button control for easy navigation. Buy the TomTom of your choice after reading the tomtom smartwatch review.


  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Long battery life
  • Keeps count of calorie


  • Too large for women’s hands
  • Now compatible with gym training
  • TomTom Runner Cardio

The TomTom Cardio has a built in Heart Rate Monitor, which will help you run in your optimal Heart Rate. This definitely makes the cut for getting a place in the tomtom smartwatch review sections.


  • Available in smaller size than before, but highly evolved in technology.
  • Storage of 3GB which can be heard wirelessly on headphones.
  • Built in activity tracker.
  • Categories to suit any kinds of training, varying on a wide scale.
  • Four way rocker navigation available on a single switch, which can be used easily while exercising.


  • Lots of limitations when it comes to swimming.
  • Some issues with music and headphone connection.
  • The partner app feels basic when compared to competitors.
  • Range is very expensive.

This review covers a wide range of TomTom smartwatches, which include – tomtom multi sport smartwatch review, tomtom runner cardio review, tomtom golfer review. Tomtom spark review is also available now. This article includes the features in details, along with all of the pros and cons of the TomTom smart watch.

Based on this article it is very easy to decide if this is the smart watch you require or not. And if TomTom is you brand of choice, you also need to decide which TomTomn watch is suitable for you, from the available models. It is very important for you to choose the watch that will fit your needs. This will save a lot of time and money on your behalf. This type of watch will not only make you look tech-savvy but will also help in your work outs.

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