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A smart watch is a new technology for the easiness of a person and particularly for the businessman. It do all the basic functions like calculations, translations, game playing. It is a wearable computer. Other functions of the watch that make it exceptional is portable media player, audio, video through Bluetooth headset. You can also answer the call through it. As there are many best smartwatches for 2016 which are introduced in the market. As its use is becoming common day by day.

As there are variety of best smartwatches available in the market they are Huawei Watch, Samsung Gear S2, Tag Heuer Connected, Apple Watch, Sony SmartWatch 3, Asus ZenWatch 2, Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, Garmin Vivoactive and some other smartwatches are available in the market. They are famous for different functions like Huawei watch is famous for its best display feature, Samsung Gear S2 is famous for its best smartphone feature and quality, Tag Heuer Connected is known for its best price and money back guarantee, Apple Watch is known for its feature and it is also the best smartwatches for 2016, Sony smartwatch is known for its best android wear option, Asus Zenwatch 2 is renowned due to its price and it comes in the budget of a person like these smartwatches other smart watches also have unique features and qualities. So a buyer can buy according to his requirement and budget.

Top 10 best smartwatches 2016:

1) Samsung Gear S2:

As it is the best smartwatch introduced in the market in the year 2016,


  • As it is very easy to use and its function are very easily understood by the user
  • As its secret weapon is its rotating bezel
  • Its battery time is very good
  • It is connected with the mobile phone through Bluetooth.

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2) Apple watch:

If you have an iPhone select the apple watch as it works well with it and has unique features.As it is designed by that company which has also designed iPhone so they have designed it in a way to satisfy the apple user as this watch is the best smartwatch. As this watch will give you best voice control and you can attend the call through it and you can also get the notification about the meeting time and schedule.

best smartwatches


  • As it is available in variety of colours, style and bands.
  • It has the best price in the market and also provide the best features.
  • It doesn’t restart again and again or doesn’t have any problem in connecting with your phone.
  • As apple watch is one of the best smartwatch in the market and has a huge new market for the biggest tech company
  • As it connects with your phone through Bluetooth
  • You can set an alarm on it, you can get your daily notifications.
  • It also tells you about your health and fitness through an app.
  • It has different apps that work well with your iPhone and android phones.

As if you have a budget and can buy an expensive watch with best quality go for the apple watch. As apple is the company which introduce new products in the market yearly so you can get the smartwatch according to your choice.

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As it depends on you that whether you want to buy apple watch or pebble, as both are good in quality and function and are the best smartwatches for iOS, as the pebble has less price and have good battery life. In last year’s pebble is also the choice of many buyers due to its working, features, quality, and variety of colour, style, fast operation and reasonable price.


  • It uses e-paper display
  • It looks good in sunlight
  • It has good battery time and is measured in days not hours
  • It is available in different colours and style
  • It works well with iPhone and android

But at the end of the day, Pebble can only work with the tools that Apple provides to third-party watchmakers. That means that voice control will be extremely limited, for one, and for another you’re not likely to get apps that are quite as nice as what you can find on the Apple Watch. Pebble Time Smartwatch – Black & Red Color, Original Price: $149.99, Sale Price: $89.99 & FREE Shipping. Buy now and Save: $60.00, See customer reviews and Details.

4) Tag heuer connected:

Tag heuer was found in 1860, it is a Swiss company that manufactures the best smartwatches for men’s and women’s. It is an expensive watch with unique specifications. As it is water resistant and its battery can be replaced. Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver defined the Swiss watchmaker’s debut smartwatch as a knot among Switzerland and America at the promotional occasion in New York earlier this week. But according to the people its battery is very expensive. TAG Heuer smartwatches, Exclusive deal, Click to Buy.


  • Intel power device
  • It has best built
  • It has highest quality
  • Battery can be replaced

5) Huawei watch:

As its display is very unique and is considered as the best smartwatch in the market with best features.


  • Best AMOLED display
  • It has 1.4 inch display
  • It has the highest density on an android smartwatch
  • Its display is very clear
  • It offers genuine 360 degree visuals

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6) LG watch Urbane:

It is known as the best smartwatch with affordable style.


  • It is present in unique colour that is silver and gold
  • Having round bezel that is eye catching
  • It looks like a traditional timepiece
  • As its shape and extra physical buttons make it more feminine and fashionable
  • It has alligator leather strap
  • It has 23 karat gold watch case

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7) Moto 360 sport:

As it is the best smartwatch in running and also attract its user due to its unique features.


  • It has the Moto Body app which make it the best smartwatch in running
  • It has light LCD display
  • It can be easily readable during running

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8) Garmin Vivoactive:

Garmin vivoactive is the best smartwatch which useful for those persons who are conscious about their fitness and is for sport person. Buy now and Save: $100.00 . Garmin vívoactive Black & White clolors Smartwatch, List Price: $249.99, Sale Price:     $149.99 & FREE Shipping. You can Pay $12.44/month for 12 months ($149.99 total) with Equal Pay. See customer reviews and more Details.

best smartwatches


  • It is the perfect fitness device
  • You can get full notifications on this smartwatch while wearing it on your wrist
  • It has fitness features
  • Running, cycling, swimming, golf and a whole lot more all on board

9) Asus ZenWatch 2:

As it is the best smartwatch within your budget and have some unique features due to which people like to buy it. ASUS ZenWatch 2 WI501Q-SR-BW-Q 1.63-inch AMOLED Smart Watch with Quick Charge, Exclusive Price: $139.00 & FREE Shipping. See customer reviews and more Details.


  • It comes in two sizes for male and female
  • It has variety of straps like rubber, steel and leather
  • It has a Wi-Fi chip in it
  • It comes with a fast charging technology

10) Sony SmartWatch 3:

It is the best smartwatch which is easy to wear on your wrist and can be adjustable. Sony Smartwatch for Android 4.3, See 461 customer reviews, Exclusive Price: $127.35 & FREE Shipping, Click to Buy.


  • It has GPS connectivity
  • Its screen is dull as compare to other smartwatches
  • It comes with headphones
  • Its strap is made of steel

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