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Advancement of technology has taken the folks to a certain stage where every sort of far-fetched fantasy can be fulfilled. The tech fanatics are one of the most incredible customer bases in the tech arena as they always remain in the hunt of new applications. Nowadays the apps in smartphones have raised the bar of expectation and are augmenting the standard of mundane life.  Now if you are also in search of smart watch apps then pebbles store is the best place to dwell in.

A glimpse on smart watches

Basically smart watches have a proportionate relation with pebble app store online as the company solely dedicates its custom made applications for its smart watches. A smart watch is a tiny gadget that apparently looks like a normal wristwatch but comes up with diverse technical attributes.

The smart abilities of the watches let its users to enjoy some outstanding facilities but especially from here they can

  • read emails
  • text messages
  • take pictures

pebbles store

Smartphone or smart watches: what the folk is looking for

The idea has utterly changed that one needs a smartphone to receive emails, keep up with important news, check social feed and other important services. Rather the same amount of work can be done with the integrated apps in smart watches.

Most of all, the device is easier to use and if you are heading towards some important apps installation then peep in the pebble app store for android. The particular store is equipped with great applications that will offer the fullest benefit of technology.

Why pebbles store is becoming popular

The range of pebble app store developer holds the adequate market research and thus their approach towards online application has reached the recent trend. You may be too attached to your advanced smartphone but using apps from pebbles store will allure you to switch to smart watches where bunch of online apps can be embedded.

A close look on pebble app store online

The store is basically meant to let the users find pebble apps in an amiable and comfortable way. The apps get distributed categorically like Tools & Utilities, Watch-faces or Sports & Fitness. Each of the section comprises of the latest feedback, recent update and rating of the applications to let the customer know the actual status of an application from pebbles store.

Top 10 apps available on pebbles store

pebbles store

The apps that can take your breath away from the pebbles store are the following

  • All-new ESPN app in the store is designed in such a way by the pebble app store developer that the instant update of sports will be in your hand.
  • Using Run-keeper your inclination towards fitness regime will be firmed. To get in details check out the app.
  • The Uber app from pebbles store is crafted to make your journey easy and comfortable. Any time you can call up the cab and can get the details of your request.
  • Weather app powered by The Weather Channel is something that caters the best forecast to the users whenever, wherever, and however they desire to get it.
  • Swarm is the application solely for the food lovers. The moment you install the app the food paradises will be under your grasp.
  • Domino’s is a celebrated app in the domain that provides all necessary updates about the popular pizza company
  • The iHeart Radio from pebbles store inspires you to play and discover music. Even after installation you can watch the interviews of your favorite artists.
  • Pandora is also an application of same sort that will let you hunt you favorite artists, songs, genres or composers
  • The Misfit App helps to track your sleep and activity.
  • Leaf is an app that you can adjust the temperature and manage and operate modes.

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