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The pebble was one of the major smart watches producers, to hit the business sector, much sooner than the Apple Watch and Android Wear secured a spot on our wrists. In July, the Pebble Time was launched with an enhanced appearance, having an extraordinary battery life, a new shading display, and adjusted bezel. It’s the ideal opportunity for us to glance back at our most loved pebble watch apps to see which ones, despite everything we cherish, and what’s arriving without a moment to spare for the Pebble Times’ launch.

The following are some of the pebble watch apps, which are quite popular amongst the users. There are numerous more applications to appreciate, yet we picked the ones that we think truly showcase the adaptability and capability of the Pebble watch series. We concentrated on Pebble Time support; however, some applications may likewise chip away at the first Pebble and Pebble Steel. (Click to Buy The Pebble Steel Smartwatch Stainless, Buy now & Save: $53.99 . Big discount sale, List Price: $149.99, Sale Price: $96.00 & FREE Shipping.)

A list of pebble watch apps

Some of the pebble watch apps are listed below

  1. Straight

Straight is pretty much as the name sounds: This smart watch face gets to the point with a reasonable, straightforward, simple approach to tell the time, date, and climate.

  1. TH3

It’s difficult to make a simple watch look great on a square show, however TH3 figures out how to perform it with its smooth check that arrives in a plenty of hues.

  1. Tick Tock Weather

It is maybe the most impressive watch face for the Pebble Time. It allows you to know the time and climate, as well as demonstrates to you, with cartoonist movements that mix delightfully with the Pebble Time’s outline.

  1. Gauge Weather

Gauge Weather is another climate based watch confront that channels your inward meteorologist. It indicates climate, time, and date initially; yet it can likewise uncover inside and out authentic information, figures, barometric weight, and other data from your nearby climate station.

  1. LCARS

This Star Trek-motivated watch, highlighting the “LCARS” style from the famous TV appear, is an unquestionable requirement have for any aficionado to demonstrate who’s a Pebble smart watch proprietor.  This is one of the pebble watch apps you would surely like.

  1. Macintosh System 7

In the event that you can’t manage the cost of it or don’t love the Apple Watch’s battery life, there is another path to possess one. This watch face emulates old Mac programming.

  1. Look

On the off chance that you claim a Pebble and an Android gadget, you need to utilize Glance – end of conversation. This application offers many elements of climate to custom watch appearances and that’s just the beginning. It’s presently redesigned for the Pebble Time’s shading interface.

  1. Uber

pebble watch apps

Uber is the must-have taxi application that now lives on your wrist. Hail a ride, track its landing, and get all the information about your excursion right from your Pebble.

  1. Tide table chart

In the event that you appreciate utilizing your Pebble while surfing, cruising, or anyplace close to the ocean, then you’ll unquestionably need Tide Table Chart. This application pulls the most recent tide data to your smart watch, making high and low tide only a look away.

  1. ESPN

ESPN has redesigned its application for the new Pebble Time, tossing in a crisper, more vivid showcase to get amusement highlights, track diversion day scores, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia brags an abundance of data, and this application conveys an area based Wikipedia to your wrist. Find out about fascinating adjacent points of interest while sitting tight for the transport, or find something you never knew.

  1. QuickAuth

One awesome approach to add a level of security to your records is to get two-element security, requiring an optional code when you are signed in. This Pebble Time application underpins Google, among other two-component arrangements, and is an unquestionable requirement has for accommodation and included record security.

  1. Pebble Dialer

It is a speedy and simple approach to oversee approaching and active calls from your Pebble watch, with some additional components and alternatives contrasted with the Pebble Time’s default experience.

  1. Radar

Radar is a fun, yet to some degree flexible application that gives you a chance to see where on the planet other Pebble proprietors are right then and there, maybe for an impromptu move party.

  1. Pebblets

What does Pebblets do? Pretty much everything. From climate to stocks, RSS channels, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg; Pebblets is an accumulation of little, prominent applications that spares valuable space on your Pebble for different applications.

  1. PebbSpeed

A few drivers float over as far as possible without seeing it – in any event until the police pull their autos over. PebbSpeed is an amicable update while driving that you’re coming to or surpassing as far as possible for the street you’re on. It utilizes your cell phone’s GPS to figure the pace. One of the best pebble watch apps for me.

  1. Evernote

pebble watch apps

Evernote stays a standout amongst the most well known note-taking applications out there for tablets, PCs, and now, even your Pebble Time. This form of the application can track updates, read notes, go over basic supply records, and that’s just the beginning.

  1. Cards for Pebble

Pebble Cards is a totally adaptable card framework kind of like Google Now, however for your smart watch. It offers essential data and warnings in view of your own inclinations.

  1. Deliveries

Pondering where your bundles are? Conveyances underpins bundle following numbers from all the real bundle organizations and will let you know where your bundle is, the point at which it will arrive, and whatever other imperative data – all without uncovering the following ID from a site.

  1. Pebbler

Everybody needs to get their Twitter fix, and for some this is even conceivable from your wrist now. Pebbler will give Pebble A chance to time proprietors track the most recent announcements from whomever they take after on Twitter, or even from exceptional foreordained records.


Apart from all these listed pebble watch apps, there are many others too, which you will love to use while using this pebble smart watch.

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