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Whether you are a cyclist, or a mountain trail runner, or engaged in any other sports, smart watches can make your life easier. The sports watch phone reviews will help you to make easy decision.

For any sports enthusiast keeping track of health and performance records is absolutely essential, necessary and vital for maintaining performance. Sports watches help the sportsmen to keep track of everything. And for these the sportsmen can concentrate on the workouts to get the best out of that. There are many smart watches available in the market for every budget consideration.  This watch phone reviews is aimed to help you out in making easy decision for procuring one.

What are watch phone reviews?

Before buying a smart watch or any other product each and every one wishes to have some detailed knowledge about that for making the best decision. The watch phone reviews cover every details of the smart watches. It dwells on the design, specification, and availability of different features and performance of the smart watch. This helps the intending buyer to make the most informative decision.

Here are five sports watch phone reviews.

  1. Tissot Racing Touch

Although highly priced, this is a very vital sports gadget that offer many functions and therefore appeared first in the watch phone reviews. This sports watch is provided with touch screen display and Multi-function chronograph. Using this you can easily change your course easily with simple touch. Its touch activated features include tracking competitors in the same event and a special logbook saving up to 99 lap times besides having compass for hiking and tide calculator for water sports.

  1. Timex Ironman Run Trainer

watch phone reviews

Doing watch phone reviews it must be said that this sports watch works well all sportsmen from the beginners to the most serious triathletes. Besides tracking the distance covered and pace it also records heart rate, gain in elevation in case of running on mountain trails. This GPS enabled watch is provided with bright display and the runners of all types can use this watch for logging their workout and measuring performance. This can easily be switched from run to cycle mode manually.

  1. Adidas AdiPowerTR

This sport watch works well for monitoring cardio training performance, running of all types and also for soccer. This is also provided with chronograph, start lap, 100 lap memories, and the low battery alarm provided helps to have prior indication exhausting battery life. In the many watch phone reviews of this sports watch, it was also highly acclaimed as very good for cardio training and as a soccer game clock for unique referee function.

  1. Garmin Forerunner 10

According to the many watch phone reviews available, this sport watch is best for cross country long distance running. This GPS enabled sports watch has number of functions. Using this you can have display of distance on one screen and the calories burnt and pace on another screen. This also has provisions for alerting you after completing each mile and thus one always stays motivated. Its virtual pacer feature compares performance against target and after completion of running you can see the route map.

  1. Suunto Ambit2

watch phone reviews

With this sports watch you can have data on altitude, heart rate, navigation, speed and weather conditions readily on your finger tips. It comes with USB power cable for connecting the device with computer for uploading data. This GPS enabled sports watch can further record the ambient temperature and barometric pressure. According to the watch phone reviews swimmers can also use the watch while swimming and it can record the style of swimming. The sports watch is also very easy to customize.

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