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In the days gone by, you had to go to a doctor to check your heart rate. Today, the technology has improved to such an extent that you can do so at home. In fact, you can now measure the heart rate while you are on the move. This might sound interesting. Nevertheless, it is very much possible. There are smartwatches allowing you to wear your heart monitor on your wrist. These smartwatches can synchronize with your smartphone. You can measure your heart rate and act appropriately to set it right too. Let us have a review of the top smartwatch that can take care of your heart as well.

Garmin Vivoactive HR: A top smartwatch round up

The Garmin Vivoactive HR is an improved version of the Garmin Vivoactive. You have to admit the original version was also a good one. However, it had its own shortcomings. Based on the consumer reviews and suggestions, Garmin has come up with an improved version. This one should satisfy all the requirements of a top smartwatch with heart rate monitoring system.

Need for a heart rate monitor:

People have become conscious of their fitness levels. They have realized the need for exercising regularly. However, exercising vigorously can have its toll on the heart. You have to monitor the heart rate as well. The improving technology allows us to do so at the flick of a wrist. If that is the case, it makes better sense to have a smartwatch do the work of a doctor for you by keeping a check on your heart and pulse rate. It can warn you in case you overdo certain exercises. Such a contraption is the need of the hour today.

An overview of the Garmin Vivoactive HR:

Let us see some of the features of the top smartwatch in town today.

GPS Accessibility:

top smartwatch

  • This smartwatch comes with GPS accessibility helping you to navigate at your will. You can use this facility while running, biking, mountain climbing, and swimming too. You need not require a phone connection anymore.
  • In addition, it has a sunlight-readable high-resolution touchscreen enabling you to take readings even in bright sunlight.
  • You have a wide range of designs to choose at the Garmin web store.
  • You get smart notifications as well as coaching tips from the Garmin connect app when you pair the smartwatch with your smartphone.
  • In the normal activity-tracking mode without GPS functionality, the battery can work beautifully for up to 8 days. In case, you use the GPS continuously, one battery charge can last up to 13 hours.

Wear your heart on your wrist

Using the latest Elevate wrist heart rate technology, there is no need for using a chest strap for measuring the heart rate. This technology allows the heart rate reading from your pulse. Based on this data, the Vivoactive HR can provide accurate information about the amount of calories you burn with each exercising activity. This can be of great help in intensification of the exercises. It can provide other vital information too thus maintaining its reputation as the top smartwatch in town.

Keeping track of all your active moments:

You should be wearing this top smartwatch at all times you exercise. You can run, bike, as well as swim wearing this watch. The active GPS settings can help you navigate while on a mountain hike. The smart notifications allow you to remain connected with the world. The Vivoactive HR can count the exact number of steps you take and display it in a flash. This watch also calculates the intensity minutes and monitors your sleeping activity as well. With an excellent battery life, you need not worry about losing track with the world at any point of time.

Run with your watch:

This top smartwatch has a built-in accelerometer and GPS. This can allow you run both indoors as well as outdoors. There is a provision for setting up vibration alerts from the heart rate, running / walking pace, and much more. You have the facility of “Auto Lap” and “Auto Pause.” These are features enabling you to keep track of your running activities. This can provide an in-depth analysis of your total mileage, calories spent, average pace, as well as time consumption.

On the Bike with your watch

You have a GPS-enabled cycling app in this watch. This can enable you to measure the time, distance, speed, and amount of calories you spend. It has a speed sensor cautioning you when you exceed the speed limits. This can monitor your training rides as well as your normal biking activities. It has built-in radar enabling you to ride safely.

Dive into the pool with your watch on your wrist:

The swimming app allows you to keep track of your heart rate while swimming. You can have a detailed reading of your pace, lap and stroke count and much more. This app helps you to develop your swimming capabilities. You are able to view your summary data and take steps to improve your routines.

Go rowing or golfing: The top smartwatch keeps track of everything.

You can use the GPS to take you through the various golf courses while you tee off with your favorite activity. The golfing app displays a simplified view of the greens enabling you to keep track of your score. At the same time, the top smartwatch keeps track of your heart rate and lets you know in case your heart starts to pound with excitement.

Similarly, the rowing app allows you to paddle to your heart’s content while keeping you informed of your heart rate at regular intervals.

The Vivoactive HR has a facility for calculating your speed as well as the incline in case you are out on the ice slopes either skiing or snowboarding.

top smartwatch

Stay connected with the world:

You can synchronize this top smartwatch with your smartphone and remain connected with the world. You can use the music app to listen to your favorite music while you go on with your exercising activities. This enables you to combine work, health, as well as pleasure at one stroke. This smartwatch allows your family to keep track of your training activities as well. You can personalize Vivoactive HR with its custom faces and interchangeable straps. You can have the advantage of various data fields, apps, and widgets making it qualify as the top smartwatch in town.

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