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smartwatch 2 apps

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The smartwatch is a secret superpower. With right apps it can do many things like improving your fitness level. There are many smartwatch 2 apps that also work well for monitoring heart rates.

Having a good heart monitor is the easiest way to stay fit and it is also the best way for supercharging your training schedule. This helps to start monitoring the heart rate in the specific zones. There are many fitness trackers available; but it is highly inconvenient to have a watch and fitness tracker on your wrist. The only solution to this problem is to have smartwatch 2 apps for monitoring your heart rate effectively.

What are smartwatch 2 apps?

The Sony smartwatch 2 is in fact a wearable computer that supports Android 4.0 or higher versions. These computerized wrist watches have many functions beyond keeping time. The smartwatch apps are the software application program that is designed to perform certain specific task of the user of the smartwatch users or for other application programs. There are many apps that can be downloaded for heart rate monitoring.

How the smartwatch 2 apps for heart rate monitoring work?

Knowing how your heart is beating provide you vital information about the state of health. The smartwatch 2 apps for monitoring heart functions, when downloaded, based on a very simple process. With every pulse of the heart, the tiny capillary vessels present in our skin expand. The flush of the smartphone camera can spot the minor variation in color that happens with every beat of the heart. Based on these data it can provide data on the rate of heart beats.

smartwatch 2 apps

Here are the five smartwatch 2 apps for heart rate monitoring.

  1. Instant Heart Rate

Developed by Azumio it is one of the most popular smartwatch 2 apps for monitoring heart rates. It allows recording the heart rate accurately tagging each measurement with the activities at that time. The app has easy interface and can also be used easily. It has two versions; free and pro that gives time series graph on heart rates.

  1. Cardiio

Cardiio smartwatch 2 apps also measure the heart rate accurately and are compatible with iOS8. It can preserve record for 30 days in a CSV file. It can record heart rates from the finger tip through the back camera and from face through the front camera. The time taken for recording heart rates is around 15 seconds.

  1. Runtastic Heart Rate Pro

Runtastic Heart Rate Pro is also an accurate smartwatch 2 apps for monitoring heart rate. This can store the last ten measurements of heart rate in both graphical and list formats. It is available in both free and pro version and one can try the free version first. It requires 10-12 seconds for measurement and the apps also include reminder options. Having a Runtastic account it is possible to synchronize heart rate data with user profile.

smartwatch 2 apps

  1. Heart rate

Heart Rate is another excellent smartwatch 2 apps that can measure your heart rate from the finger tip when this is placed on the back camera and can also measure it from the face using the front camera. This application also offers history log and graphical representation of the heart rate for indicating the trend and gives fairly accurate measurement.

  1. Cardio Buddy

Available in both free and pro version, the Cardio Buddy smartwatch 2 apps, the free version cannot measure the heart rates form the tip of the finger while the professional allows measuring from finger tip and also from face. The app is also provided with graphical feature for comparing heart rate with average.

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