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best smartwatch apps

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It is very much important for the smart watch users to install some best smartwatch apps in their smart watch. You will get all the desired information from the best smartwatch apps installed in your phone. In our recent time of busyness, the utilization of quick time is necessary. So, take a glance of some best smartwatch apps you can install.

Best smartwatch apps for your watch

There are several best smartwatch apps which will help you to get up to date in recent times.


  • An apparent applicant for wrist grounded access, Shazam’s Android app was efficient with Android Wear provision last year.
  • You can utilize this app to takeoff the app (clearly set it in settings to cast off labeling on presentation). Then the paths will be shown in the chief smartphone app.

best smartwatch apps


  • IFTTT means ‘If This Then That’.
  • The aptitude allows you to connect apps organized to make formulas to accomplish firm activities.
  • The IFTTT app permits you to mechanize a horde of jobs such as sending programmed SMS by patting your smart watch.

3.Google Keep

  • Google’s own Keep is an organized, flamboyant note storing and to-do-list creating app for Android Wear.
  • The cloud grounded facility is hassle free and convenient for grocery shopping where your hands are filled.

4.Wear Audio Recorder

  • If you’re in a seminar, a meeting or somebody is just emitting mirthful gibberish on the train, you can rapidly record the voice round you using this humble app.
  • By the Google Material design strategies, the app permits you to sync both Dropbox and Google Drive, and even you can record with the display off, if you’d favor folks not to know.


  • Endomondo, the vastly widespread fitness stage, has been modernized for Android Wear.
  • It permits you to label your running, cycling, hiking, climbing and many more physical activities.


  • Among the best smartwatch apps Todoist is one of the most popular apps.
  • Wrist grounded figuring app advances itself to rapid, simple activities, such as testing off objects on a to-do list.

7.Lifeline & Lifeline2

  • Text built adventure games has discovered a fresh home on smartwatches, and Lifeline is one of the greatest.

8.Vibrations for android wear

  • You can make different vibration options through this app.
  • Gmail, WhatsApp- everything has a different vibration for the push notification.

9.SofaScore Live Score

  • You will get notifications about the live match report.
  • There are 17 sports from where you can get the scores, fixtures of matches and live update.

10.Interval Timer

  • When you’re into riding, running or performing physical activities, Interval Timer will originate in close by letting you to track your splitting times, rest times, deputies and the similar.

 best smartwatch apps

There are many other best smartwatch apps which you may like such as Toggle Wear, InstaWeather, Tweechip, Wunderlist, Pixtocam and many more. Know how to download apps on the smart watch in detail. Collect information about best google watch apps and awesome android wear apps available in best smartwatch apps in the store.

It is important to use on the basis of your smart watch to know how to download apps on the smart watch thoroughly. Awesome android wear apps and best google watch apps will definite help you to make an advanced foot to bigger doorsteps.

The above mentions smart watch apps are very much popular for you to use.

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