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Technology has led to the creation of several things to make life easier for humans. One of most prominent and versatile amongst these technologies is the creation of the computer. The process of creating the computer is a very long one, which started from Abacus, up to the creation of a graphical interfaced personal computer that can be used by everybody. The success of the personal computer further led to the creation of laptops and palmtops. There are now a lot smartphones that are palmtops and can perform several functions of the computer. There were however several other improvements, in order to create a yet smaller computer. This has led to the creation of wearables or smartwears.


Smartwears, also known as wearables, are wears that are customized that does more than the traditional keeping of time. Apart from keeping time, these wears have the ability to do a number of other things including game playing, translations and calculations. Furthermore, they have the abilities to play video files, audio, FM radio and portable media players through a headset that works by Bluetooth. Some of these smartwears have the ability of a smartphone and phone calls can be answered on it. They are just like computers that can be worn on the hand. They also have the ability to operate mobile applications. One of the companies that is popular in making wearables is the Fossil Group.

Fossil Group

The fossil group is an American accessories manufacturer and designer that manufacture jewelry and watches as well as belts, handbags, wallets and sunglasses. The organization that was founded in 1984, have created several smartwatches and other wearables over the years. Their wearables and other products are durable and widely used by several people all over the world.


The durability, usefulness and consistency in their wearables and products have won them a number of awards including being listed in 2013 and 2015 as being among the top 100 best United Kingdom companies to work for. They also won 2 awards in the 2006 Annual DFWIMA Excellence in interactive marketing which was the sixth edition of the awards. They won the “Best of Show” as well as the “Most Effective Use of Online Creative” awards.

Wearables made by Fossil Group are under 3 categories: Display Smartwatches, Activity trackers and Non-display smartwatches. They also have the Q Apps which can be installed on android mobile phone to interact with the phone as well as the Q Customization, with which the wearables can be customized to match the look preferred by the user.

Fossil Smartwatches

The Fossil smartwatches is a smart combination of technology and design. The smartwatches look very attractive and come with touchscreen functionality. The design of the smartwatch wearables is the normal circle design which has straps made from stainless steel, premium leather, a steel case that is stainless as well as a face that is touchscreen and scratch-resistant.

The Fossil smartwatches give onscreen notifications that you can view secretly. The watch can be used to receive email, text messages and calls. You can then attend to the important ones while ignoring the less important ones, all from the interface of the wearables.

The smartwatches also come with tracking abilities that are in-built. It is thus possible to use the wearables to track burnt calories, distance, steps and achievements on a daily basis. The customization feature also allow users to change the designs of the wearables’ face as well as the straps very easily to what he wants it to be that that point in time.

The Fossil B smartwatches is compatible, through Bluetooth, with iPhone 5 and subsequent models that run on iOS 8.2 operating system and subsequent releases as well as smartphones that run Android 4.4 operating system and subsequent updates. The Q Apps would however need to be installed on the iPhone or Android phone for the wearables to be able to interact with it.

Fossil Activity Trackers

The fossil activity tracker is designed to have a bracelet look. Fossil has about 7 different designs for her activity trackers. It is designed to look like the normal bangles, only that they have LED lights for quick glance, a lovely strap that is adjustable and have the functionality of a sleek tracker.


When there is a notification, the tracker flashes LED lights and give a gentle buzz. More details can be gotten on a mobile smartphone, connected through Bluetooth with the Q App.

Fossil Non-Display Smartwatches

Fossil has 6 different beautiful designs of non-display smartwatches you can choose from. The wearables have the ability to record chronograph movement and also have a steel case that is stainless. The straps of the wearables are also interchangeable and come with many dial colors.

Notifications from the smartwatches can also be received through Q Apps downloaded on mobile phones. Just like the activity trackers and the smartwatches, it has the ability to track burnt calories, distance, steps and accomplishments on a daily basis.

Q Apps

The Q Apps allows the wearables to be linked with the mobile phone. The Q App, can be installed on the mobile from the apple store or the android store. Once the application is installed, and the phone and wristwatch connected through Bluetooth, the wearables would regularly synchronize with the phone and give updates.

Q Customization

All the wearables can be customized to include changing of face designs, texts and fonts as well as the color of the strap to suit what the wearer wants. These customizations can be completed in seconds with premium leather straps and stainless steel that are interchangeable.

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  1. The Fossil B smartwatches is compatible, through Bluetooth, with iPhone 5 and subsequent models that run on iOS 8.2 operating system and subsequent releases as well as smartphones that run Android 4.4 operating system

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